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General Guidelines for Stitchers:



 If you would like to design a Buddy, please follow these guidelines in the design:


  • Buddies should be between 6.5 to 7 inches square - the perfect size for hugging!

  • Buddies should have a friendly, happy face

  • There should be 2 arms of equal size, at least 4" long

  • There should be 2 legs of equal size, at least 6" long

  • Buddies can be made out of any type of yarn, although easily washable materials such as cotton, acrylic or bamboo are preferred.

  • Buddies should not contain any sharp objects, such as metal buttons with sharp corners - they need to be soft and huggable!

  • Any colors can be used. The most requested colors have been pink and purple, although we receive multiple requests for all colors, even black and grey. We do recommend trying to combine darker colors with brighter ones to keep the Buddies cheery.

  • If sending a fully finished buddy, please make sure that all seams are securely fastened

  • Buddies can also be sent to My Recovery Buddy for finishing - we will sew together components and stuff the buddy for you! This is also a great way to save on shipping costs.


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