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Frequently Asked Questions



Are my donations to My Recovery Buddy tax deductable?


Yes. My Recovery Buddy is A NJ 501c3  Non-Profit Organization. All donations, whether supplies, stamps or money go to managing Buddy requests, crafting, and sending of Buddies to their recipients.

I would like to request a Buddy, will my information be kept confidential?


The information we collect is solely for the purpose of creating and sending your Buddy. My Recovery Buddy will not share your information with any 3rd party vendors. Requests are assigned a number, and volunteer crafters will only see the number and color preferences, if any are listed. Once a Buddy has been completed, it is sent to My Recovery Buddy to then be distributed to the requestor.

How much will it cost to mail a Buddy?


We have found that the most economical way to send a Buddy is by First Class Mail through the USPS, usually around $5.00 Domestic/ $15.00 International.

We would greatly appreciate your help with shipping expenses. We do fund raising events all year round to keep our postage account full. Any one with any fundraising ideas are invited to a drop us a line and share your thoughts. :O)

Can anyone request a Buddy?


If you are a minor under the age of 18, we ask that a parent or guardian complete the request form for a Buddy.


My Recovery Buddy is dedicated to crafting handmade Buddies to anyone who may be in need of knowing that there are people who care about them and what they are going through; whether it is dealing with an addiction, a disorder, trauma, a serious medical condition or illness, or major surgery.

Our buddies are not intended for children under the age of 5 .


Requesting a Buddy is free.

I would like to help - now what?

There are many ways to help - whether it is donating your time by helping to create a Buddy, or donating supplies. You can reach us through the contact form on this website.


We are always in need of Buddies. Pink and purple tend to be the most requested colors, but we receive requests for all colors and combinations, so dig deep into your yarn stash and grab whatever colors inspire you! We do have a high standard of quality control, and ask that you do submitt a sample of your work to us for approval. Thank you.



Do you take international requests?

We are mainly focusing on U.S.A. requests, as our main challege is shipping costs.  We are in desperate need of volunteers outside of the USA, and also funding for shipping costs.

We will take requests from outside the USA, but it may take a bit longer as we only have a few stitchers overseas.

Also, we have limited funding to ship packages Internationally from the USA.  However, if an International request is accompanied by a donation ($15USD or more) to cover the postage cost, it will be expedited.


Attention: If you are from outside the USA and have any interest in joing our creative team, and creating a Buddy for someone in your area, please contact us at: Thanks! 



How long does it take to receive a Buddy?

Wait time depends on how many requests we have at a given time, and the amount of volunteers we currently have crafting Buddies. It can also vary depending on geographical location.


Our average wait time seems to be 2-3 weeks for a request within the US, and about 3-4 weeks for requests outside of the US.


Once a request is placed through our website, one of our members will contact the requestor to validate the information. You will be assigned a request/reference #. The request will then be placed on our request list and we will look to match the request with a volunteer crafter. Once the Buddy is completed, it will be  packaged and sent to its new home!



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