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Knit Patterns



Learn how to make this Buddy!


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Submitted by PinkLemmons

Paloma by Silversigner
Learn how to Knit Paloma


Submitted by Silversigner


Body (knit)

  • Cast on 60 stitches

  • Stockinette stitch for 7-8in

  • Seed stitch for 4in

  • Stockinette for another 7-8in


Eyes (crochet)

  • Start with blue yarn and a magic ring, make 6 sc in the magic ring and pull tight to close

  • 2 sc in each sc, (12 sc)

  • Switch to white  yarn, *1 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc* repeat * to * around (18 sc), tie off


Arms (crochet)

  • Ch20

  • 3 sc in each ch all the way back


Legs (crochet)

  • Ch26

  • 3 sc in each ch all the way back



Flower is a free pattern available from, the smile is daisy chain embroidery.



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